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A passionate songwriter and energetic performer, Sharif Iman’s infectious songs infuse hope and inspiration into the world at a time when it is needed most. As nationally syndicated radio host Delilah says, “His voice is as smooth and sweet as chocolate dripped cherries. Sharif is not just an amazing vocalist, but a wonderful story-teller as well. His songs resonate with your soul.”

Sharif’s musical journey began in Reston, Virginia, where at the age of two, he strummed his mother's guitar for the first time and by the age of eight he had written his first song, quickly falling in love with the process of creating music. As he grew, he was influenced by the music of such artists as Michael Jackson, Prince, The Police and many more. Pulling aspects from each of these he began to create his own unique style. With the help of renowned music producer Frank Rogers, who was a key part in bringing him to Nashville, he honed his craft as a songwriter and quickly caught the attention of Nashville’s music scene. 

His music embodies a message of hope, triumph, and the potential that resides within everyone. Sharif is a deeply spiritual person who is intent on giving back and is passionate not only about his music, but about people; the hurting, the helpless, and the hopeless. With new music, a new management team, and a new, fresh wind in his career sails, expect Sharif to shine more brightly than ever.


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Sharif Iman