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Hello! My name is Sharif Iman. I am an artist, an encourager and a man on a mission to show people they matter.

At two years old, I first strummed my mom's guitar. My connection with music has remained strong ever since. During my childhood, I was inspired by a diverse range of artists, from Michael Jackson to Prince to The Police. Blending these influences into my own distinctive style, I have worked to polish my gift for singing and songwriting and became well-known on the Nashville music scene, even playing a recurring role as a musician on the hit show Nashville.


I am driven by my faith and a quest for truth. I use my music and jewelry to authentically and boldly speak to the struggles and the joys of life’s journey. I infuse my lyrics with energy and a fighting spirit, because I want to inspire people to hope. Radio host Delilah says my "songs resonate with your soul.”

My desire is to embody creativity, soul and grit as I pursue my passion for making space for those who are hurting, so they can find hope and healing. 

My Story