Driven by both his faith and a quest for truth, Sharif masterfully crafts soulful rock that authentically and boldly speaks to the struggles and the joys of life’s journey. Sharif’s lyrics are infused with an energy and a fighting spirit that inspires hope. As radio host Delilah puts it, “Sharif is not just an amazing vocalist, but a wonderful story-teller as well. His songs resonate with your soul.”


At two years old, Sharif first strummed his mother’s guitar. His connection with music has remained strong ever since. During his childhood, Sharif was inspired by a diverse range of artists, from Michael Jackson to Prince to The Police. Blending these influences into his own distinctive style, Sharif worked to polish his gift for singing and songwriting and became well-known on the Nashville music scene, even playing a recurring role as a musician on the hit show Nashville.


Sharif’s genuine smile, words of courage and songs that balance playfulness with weightiness make him a musician that is relevant to the times. He is an artist who embodies creativity, soul and grit coupled with a talent for cultivating spaces where those who are hurting can find hope and healing.